Thursday, February 20, 2014

Livin' the High Life

It's pretty hard to wipe off the smile that I have right now. Between exploring amazing climbing destinations, sharing these experiences with new and old friends and getting the chance to guide in one of my favourite places on earth, I am in total heaven.

We spent a little chunk of time in Hueco Tanks, Texas. Just enough time to see a couple new areas (for us) and gain a little power after a long break from climbing. Weather was rather brisk, and windy but it was so fun to experience the freedom of bouldering and the perfect rock of Hueco Tanks again, even if for just a short time.

Kyle Thomas sends the classic Moonshine Roof V4

Windy highballin'
Eyeing up the classic Stegasaur V8

Craig Reger flashes Daily Dick Dose V7

Cold and windy adventures with Team Weakness 

Craig stems up the Bloodline corridor

Good climbing and good friends, life is good.

Hueco Tanks

Craig Reger exceeds his own expectations and flashes Loaded With Power V10

After Hueco we went back to Cochise Stronghold in Arizona to get back on a rope and enjoy the peaceful camping in this serene granite paradise. It was just a quick stop but enough time to tick off a few more classics around the camping in West Cochise.

Another perfect campsite in Cochise Stronghold, Arizona

Me, Pam and Chris in Cochise

Chris Pegelo dances up another classic on Rad Rock

Chris Pegelo on the amazing chickenheads of Nightstalker 5.9

Nighstalker at Owl Rock

Soon it was time to head back to Joshua Tree for the first ever On the Rocks international climbing trip. I was so excited about this new chapter in my guiding career! Jtree always seems to be a meeting place, and the stars have aligned and brought several of our friends from around the globe here at the same time. It is so nice to have a big group of great friends staying with us in Hidden Valley Campground. 

Adam Demmert onsights the Jtree classic Clean and Jerk 5.10c

The entire experience of guiding in Jtree has been surreal. I can honestly say that the happiness I experience with guiding trips like these is equal to the feeling of sending a really meaningful climb. I taught a 4 day Course in the park with two amazing women and I couldn't of asked for better weather or people either. I am all smiles from ear to ear. I am living the dream, and sharing this dream and passion with other people is so incredibly rewarding.

Pia on top of Cap Rock

Cap Rock, Joshua Tree

Pia and Maryann on another beautiful Jtree summit

Just another day at "the office".

My next Joshua Tree guiding adventure starts next week, and I can't wait to share this amazing place with another Canadian escaping the cold to seek rocks and adventures with me. Both guiding and rock climbing are the most rewarding things I have ever experienced in my life and I am so thankful for this incredible job I have and life I live.
'Till next time friends!
xox Les

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