Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This, that and some other things...

Back on The Bay.

Bike rides to the river, coffee breaks in town, back deck chilling. All part of the easy going, laid back life in Clarksburg. I love home.


The only adjustment of being back has been snapping out of vacation mode. It is invigorating running your own business and at times it is scary too. But when things start falling into place, it is really exciting. I feel good, I love my job and I am truly loving every minute of this experience!

My personal climbing has been temporarily put on hold and I haven't even attempted to use my arms in a pulling motion in over 5 weeks now, 4 weeks to go. Turns out that I should of rested after Hueco Tanks (go figure), as I did tear the TSCC cartilage in my wrist. So I am on forced rest. Wrist brace bound. 'Till I dont know when. I have no comment.

I am coping. It hasn't effected guiding, thank goodness. Distractions from climbing are surprisingly found within work. I have also been working my butt off to correct any imbalances in my posture and body mechanics. Sarah Applegarth at Active Life has structured a program for me that is amazing and I am seeing huge benefits really quickly. It is really exciting actually and I can't wait to see how climbing feels with these corrections that she has made.

Euginia Falls

Kyle got some really good news and his shoulder is ready to start pushing it again! So he is stoked. I am stoked. He is going to rest from climbing with me too, but his golf game is back!

The weather has been beautiful. Warm, sunny, happy.

It is so nice to see all of our friends and family again...

Evening bike rides with Kyle.
Watching the sunset by the Beaver River.

We have taken up more RAW eating and loving it. It is really fun experimenting with different raw recipes. Especially desserts!!

I am really looking forward to see what kind of raw creations that Sarah Heipel comes up with for the Raw on the Rocks event coming up. Last year she made a raw pizza and peach cobbler that was to-die-for.

Clarksburg blue skies

I kicked off my guiding season with On the Rocks this past weekend with two back to back Anchor Building Courses at Metcalfe Rock. The weather was rainy and chilly, but we managed to stay relatively dry and the people that came out were hardcore. They rocked it with smiles on. My summer is filling up with a huge variety of courses which I am really stoked about. I am especially excited about the prospect of shadow teaching my first PCGI Course this September. All the wheels are in motion.

Back at the office.
Lauren was super psyched on everything. It was rad.

Back home with the cedars.

While going through old pictures for my slideshow coming up, I came across some great memories. The ACC had asked me to introduce myself and share some of my experiences as a guide and adventure addict in the outdoor industry. It is so cool to look back at these incredible experiences that I have had throughout my life. I have lived a good life so far :)

A taste of the awesome swag sent for the slideshow!!! It is taking everything in my power to not keep that sweet Sterling Rope Bag.

Taking a trip down memory lane.......

The original Outdoor Adventure climbing crew. These guys got me psyched on climbing, taught me alot and inspired me. This was our final project in college: Rock Climbing in El Potrero Chico, Mexico.

Whitewater canoeing seems like a distant memory to me now. Man I used to love that stuff. I do miss the thrills and spills, the multi-day river adventures, and I see myself re-visiting this sport again one day. Nothing like losing yourself in the wilderness. Or pooping your pants in big water.

The Spanish River. A sweet whitewater river that we did in 9 days, it had great rapids.
Ah, the memorable "Quetico Survival Trip" with Kyle. We endured 16 days in the deep wilderness and nearly starved. Our ribs were sticking out by the end, weather was awful and I even got hypothermia. It was this same trip that Kyle proposed to me. He blames our marriage on bush fever to this day.

Outdoor Adventure times. Testing oout our sweet whitwater kayaking skills eh.

Kyle and I worked at this outpost in the middle of nowhere Temagami for an entire summer. It was a canoe guides dream come true. Cabin on a lake, wood sauna, 5 day canoe trips, peace and quiet, and the most amazing stars I will ever see.

Life is a wonderful evolution isn't it? I hope some of you can make it out to the slideshow on June 14th. It will be a short slideshow, then lots of sweet giveaways from Sterling Rope, Blurr, Sanuk, Joshua Tree Products and La Sportiva. Come show your support for the Ontario Access Coalition! Oh ya and it is at a pub, so there is beer, so why wouldnt you go?

Keep on keepin' it real peoples!



  1. Memories are neat to share, especially when you've got a few photos to go with them! //Dick Lawrence.

    1. :o) Glad you enjoyed my trip down memory lane!

  2. amazing that was more than 7 years ago! Hope your well Les!

    1. Woah! That ages us a little bit doesnt it ? ;o)
      Hope you are well too buddy!