Friday, May 25, 2012

Life Exploring Stone- The Slideshow

I am really excited about this! On June 14th 2012, I will be doing a slideshow presentation for the Alpine Club of Canada. My sponsors have graciously donated tons of gear which will be raffled off to support the Ontario Access Coalition. I am really looking forward to sharing pictures and stories about my personal journey as an adverture addict. It is truly an honor to be supported by so many great organizations, companies and people for this fun evening.

I actually started my personal climbing career in Ottawa, where I learned to climb at Vertical Reality. I now live and climb in the Beaver Valley and I am most looking forward to getting to know more of the awesome climbing community within the Toronto area. I will be sharing stories about my experiences as a canoe guide to indoor climber to professional climbing guide. I will also share some photos of my favourite climbing destinations and talk a bit about Professional Climbing Guides Institute (PCGI). Spread the word, support the Ontario Access Coalition and come on out!

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  1. Yet again, I miss out on a killer deal. It's not everyday you can get free climbing gear just for sitting through a talk.